Night Lights Denver The People's Projector

Night Lights Denver is a permanent way for The Denver Theatre District to support innovative artists with an experimental platform while attracting people downtown to experience a free, rotating projection art show.
Arapahoe Street side of the Daniels & Fisher Tower, located at 1601 Arapahoe St. on the 16th Street Mall.
The artworks are designed by local, national, and international artists, as well as the greater Denver community.
Dates and Times
Shows run Tuesday – Sunday nights, starting approximately 30 minutes after sunset and looping until midnight.
Free and All Ages
All programs are FREE to attend and appropriate for all-ages.

Current Show

Night Lights Denver March 2023
March 2023's program is an exhibition for Month of Photography featuring 60 artists. Curated by Samantha Johnston, Colorado Photographic Arts Center Executive Director. Pictured: "Still Life in SITU" by Neil Berkowitz.
Mar 1
Mar 31, 2023
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About Night Lights

Our vision for this project is that Night Lights Denver truly becomes ‘the people’s projector,’ encouraging Denver to participate and contribute – including the international, national and locally-based artists we pay for commissioned artworks, schools and people walking through the district.

Night Lights Denver partners include Downtown Denver Partnership, Orange Barrel Media and the Daniels & Fisher Tower.

Current & Upcoming Artists

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Jeremy Marquez
April 2023
RECIPROCA : A Manifesto in Motion
Chicano/Cubano artist and Denver native Jeremy Marquez presents “Reciproca: A Manifesto in Motion,” proclaiming the values of Mutual Aid, Mutual Support, and Volunteer Cooperation expressed in Spanish and English slogans and iconography. The motion graphics and kinetic typography are designed in homage to the Futurist and Constructivist art movements of the early 20th century, and in such a way, “Reciproca” conveys a vibrant movement of youthful energy and cultural rejuvenation, prioritizing solidarity with the poor and working classes. artist
Jason Ting
April 2023
Mysterious sparks of light gently cascade like flowing water, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the meditative beauty of dancing light. artist
Geraldine Erman
April 2023
fleurs animeés
The project "fleurs animeés" is inspired by the 19th century satirical images of J.J.Grandville’s “Les Fleurs Animeés” and depicts animated figures made of organic “debris” (e.g.; rocks, flowers, pinecones, and fungi). The gestural motion-capture sequences are synced together in an intuitive, whimsical fashion to evoke humor, pathos, and an incongruous logic.
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Jen Starling
April 2023
The Leaving
Each of the five paintings shown dissolving was painted in 2-4 hours using oil paint. While the paintings were wet, I sprayed them with solvent, and recorded the disintegration. the metaphors that lie within are vast, but perhaps most profound is the temporary nature of life, and the importance of appreciating the lived moments as opposed to any preconceived desired outcome. Gallery representation Walker Fine Art. Special thanks to Scott McCormick for technical assistance. artist
Rian Kerrane & Scottie Burgess
April 2023
Illuminated Meditations
Attraction to the camaraderie and community that surrounds molten metal and specifically iron casting fuels the creative drive for this collaboration, "Illuminated Meditations". Casting metal is experimental, and limits are pushed into performance that vacillates from sheer madness to quiet poetry. "Pay Attention All The Time" by Rian Kerrane sears paper with cast iron brands as temporary graffiti for the Clocktower. Scottie Burgess’ "Light of Hand" follows traces of a freeform mark with an alchemical flow, reflecting the light of the sky and the inner creative spirit. Both artists are intent on allowing molten metal to shape the resulting works in their physical form and connect the footage with performative cast iron works from the recent Iron Tribe gathering in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
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Colorado Photographic Arts Center
March 2023
Night Lights Denver Celebrates Month of Photography Denver Festival
The Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) presents a curated outdoor exhibition that will be digitally projected on the Daniels & Fisher Tower during the 2023 Month of Photography Festival. The theme was open ended, meant to celebrate all types of photographic medium and a means of expression for the festival. Curated by Samantha Johnston, CPAC Executive Director & Curator. Pictured: "Still Life in SITU" by Neil Berkowitz. artist
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Dr. Ietef "Dj CaveM" Vita and Thomas "Detour" Evans
February 2023
WESTSIDE WELLNESS - "Produce For The People."
Westside Wellness is a collaboration between the artist from #plantbasedrecords Dr. Ietef "Dj CaveM" Vita and Thomas "Detour" Evans, showing food, culture, music, and preserving wisdom through intergenerational dialogue. artist
Red Pig Flower
February 2023
Spatial Memory
Multimedia artist and musician Red Pig Flower presents her "Spatial Memory" series, a collection of digital point cloud visualizations of collected and treated spatial memory data. Through structuring and converting raw data into usable information, the artist invites viewers on a visual journey celebrating striking memories and encouraging personal interpretation. artist
Megan Morgan
February 2023
Megan Morgan enjoys creating beautiful artistic textures by taming arduous mediums. Watery tusche wash gives her artwork unexpected results. In contrast, dry tusche wash is like painting with confectioner’s sugar: its powdery and moody behaviors are almost too wild to tame. artist
Peter Burr
February 2023
Uh oh… wild jackpot? So… now what? artist
Chris Christmas Co
January 2023
The Black Cowboy
The BLACK COWBOY series' main focus is to lead the charge in creating diversity and inclusion platforms FOR Coloradans and its thriving economy through exposing untapped and untold stories of the Black Cowboy and natives of the Colorado land. artist
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