Night Lights Denver The People's Projector

Night Lights Denver is a permanent way for The Denver Theatre District to support innovative artists with an experimental platform while attracting people downtown to experience a free, rotating projection art show.
Arapahoe Street side of the Daniels & Fisher Tower, located at 1601 Arapahoe St. on the 16th Street Mall.
The artworks are designed by local, national, and international artists, as well as the greater Denver community.
Dates and Times
Shows run Tuesday – Sunday nights, starting approximately 30 minutes after sunset and looping until midnight.
Free and All Ages
All programs are FREE to attend and appropriate for all-ages.

Current Show

Night Lights Denver June 2023
June 2023's program features artists Rob Hill, Virgil Ortiz, Antaless Visual Design, and Rich Moyer. Pictured: "Adapting To Changes" by Rob Hill.
Jun 1
Jun 30, 2023
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About Night Lights

Our vision for this project is that Night Lights Denver truly becomes ‘the people’s projector,’ encouraging Denver to participate and contribute – including the international, national and locally-based artists we pay for commissioned artworks, schools and people walking through the district.

Night Lights Denver partners include Downtown Denver Partnership, Orange Barrel Media and the Daniels & Fisher Tower.

Current & Upcoming Artists

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Antaless Visual Design
June 2023
Let us imagine that architecture is a box and that it can contain within it countless combinations useful for producing new geometries. Once the box is opened, a seemingly empty space is revealed to us, which the artist needs to fill; this space conceals volumes, lines, proportions, balances, materials and lights. The artist's goal is to show how much of this void can be filled with ideas, and how much the word 'filling' expresses the ideas of experimenting, creating and giving beauty. artist
Rob Hill Art
June 2023
Adapting To Changes
United States Coast Guard Veteran Rob Hill is a geometric abstract painter working out of Los Angeles and Denver. Hill is best known for applying his aesthetic to an array of surfaces including canvas, denim, leather, wood, glass, marble, silk, and metal. The principal theme of his work is unity through diversity, which is represented by an intersection of line, texture, angle, and color. Rob's affinity for geometric patterning can be linked to ancient Egyptian design and mid-century abstraction. Special thanks to Carlo V. artist
Rich Moyer
June 2023
Ham Helsing, Graphic Novel
Cartoonist, Animator, and kids Book Author, Rich Moyer. Ham Helsing is Rich’s first book series with Penguin Random House for middle-grade readers 8-12. artist
Virgil Ortiz
May/June 2023
Revolt 1680/2180: Runners + Gliders
The year is 2180. The Recon Watchmen, time-traveling warriors, scour the desert in full combat gear. Their mission: safeguarding the past, present, and future of the New Mexico Pueblos and ensuring their survival against the threat of oppressive invasion. The Watchmen realize that the challenges will only continue, so protecting clay, culture, language, and traditions from extinction is imperative to preserve them for the next generations — the Gliders, future iterations of Runners Omtua and Catua, are their foremost reconnaissance team. In Revolt 1680/2180: Runners + Gliders, I bring clay and tradition to meet cutting-edge technology, joining history with the future. artist
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Ben Alderman aka Lin Wen-Ben
May 2023
404 Not Found
In "404 Not Found," Wen-Ben uses the aesthetic of digital software icons to illustrate the journey of searching for something one doesn't know they're looking for. The one-minute clock tower version of "404 Not Found" explores that concept briefly and uses this as an opportunity to build the world of his future short film. artist
Emilie Upczak
May 2023
"Silt'' is a meditation on the Colorado River corridor through the Grand Canyon. These moving images were collected over the course of a 10-day white water rafting trip in June 2023. Only 1% of the 5 million people who visit the Grand Canyon each year go below the rim. "Silt" invites the viewer to experience spaces along the Colorado River that are rarely seen, inaccessible by road or plane. The Colorado River is in peril, due to the climate crisis in the West, the overuse of water and the lack of cooperation regionally. As residents of Colorado, home of the river's headwaters, we must work to preserve this precious natural resource. artist
Mr. LO’s Paper Show
May 2023
Folded Dreams
This is a short segment of my paper tearing show that I perform all over the world in variety shows, circuses, festivals and events. Paper tearing originated in the Victorian Age and was included in the magic literature of Harry Houdini. I have updated it with other paper arts and elements of my Mexican heritage. Videographers: Michael Schorlepp (Film Production) & Editor Susan Ebrahimi artist
Song Tran
May 2023
Out of Gravity
"Out of Gravity" is a dancing self-portrait, I bounce and float above the streets below unaffected by the gravity that holds us down. The state of mind and body are disjointed and disconnected, the version of us we see in our heads is a broken mirror reflecting back an equally broken physical body. The weight of living doesn't rest but crashes down on our shoulders and I ask, "Would the heavy burdens of life weigh less somewhere out of gravity?" artist
Jason Ting
April 2023
Mysterious sparks of light gently cascade like flowing water, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the meditative beauty of dancing light. artist
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