Understudy is a 700 square foot arts and culture incubator space dedicated to creative exploration. Understudy provides a free, central, and innovative platform to artists and creative groups for experimentation.Located in the Colorado Convention Center (CCC) at 890 C 14th St., Understudy is operated, curated, and funded by the Denver Theatre District.

Current Installations

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"The Drying West"
Can humanity continue to grow and grow and grow and grow… or will we finally outsmart ourselves? Grab a glass of clean drinking water (while it still exists), and join us at Understudy for a sobering exhibition about us, the environment, and our future or lack thereof. Hey, at least there’s shiny things and pretty lights to look at!
Jan 6 - Jan 29, 2023
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Only At Understudy

This exhibition is site-specific and will only be available to experience at Understudy January 4th – January 29th.

Public hours:
This exhibition is intended to be viewed from the exterior of the gallery, so there will be no regular open gallery hours held. You can view the work from the exterior of our glass building 24/7, and we encourage you to view it on a few different occasions over the course of the month to observe how the time of day and weather changes the work.

If you are interested in setting up a private visit by appointment, please contact info@understudydenver.com

Closing Celebration:
Saturday, January 29th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Current and Upcoming Installations

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The Drying West
Jan 6 - 29, 2023
The Drying West
Alejandra Abad
What will we do when all the water dries up?
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Past Installations

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Holy Fool
Nov 4 - 27, 2022
Holy Fool
Laura Shill
Those who jest are profound, mysterious, intelligent and all conquering.
Dreams Life and Times Immersive Album Experience
December 2 - 31, 2022
Dreams Life and Times Immersive Album Experience
Molina Speaks
In the distant future a being has discovered a curious ancient relic from the past. What strange and interesting creatures created this collection of sounds? And where have they gone?
Disability Pride and The Arts
October 7 - 30, 2022
Disability Pride and The Arts
Luanne Burke, Merhia Wiese, Elliot Wiese, and Margarete “Maggie” Wiese
"Not every mind or body will experience art the same way. But every mind and body is entitled to the experience." -Ginny Lou Laughlin
Beautiful Nobodies
September 2 - 25, 2022
Beautiful Nobodies
The Black body and Female body have historically been treated as commodities to be bought and sold. Artist KJax subverts this disgusting element of society through the personification of mannequins and other anthropomorphic objects. All this to illustrate the fact: why do we still treat certain people like things?
August 5 - 28, 2022
Andy Linderkamp, Barrett Dodds, Gregory Gisbert, & Michael Lensen
A traveller from the distant future visits humanity to share the conscious-unlocking power of music and art.
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