Gaudy or Nice: Utopia Artwork Giveaway

Jonathan Saiz
December 2, 2019

Join us and artist Jonathan Saiz as he gives away 1,000 artworks from his #WhatIsUtopia installation at the Denver Art Museum for FREE!

Our event, which we’re calling “Gaudy or Nice”, will transform Understudy into a pop-up shop with art, warm drinks, and more, all for FREE. All-ages are welcome.

How will the Giveaway work?

+ You will be asked to choose and gift wrap two (2) artworks. We will provide all sorts of wrapping materials onsite. One of the artworks will be for yourself, and the other is for you to gift to someone else.

+ Only a limited number of people will be allowed inside Understudy at a time, so be prepared to wait outside for your turn.

When does this Giveaway run?

+ Doors will open at 3:00pm, and we will run as long as the supply lasts. You will be allowed to start queuing at 2:00pm. Be aware the line will be OUTSIDE, so dress warmly.

+ We will update the Facebook event with stock updates throughout the afternoon.

Can I get more than 2 pieces of Art?

+ Two artworks per person only. Jonathan personally cursed all of his artworks, so if you somehow take more than you are allowed, you’ll be cursed for life.

What else does this Pop-Up entail?

+ We will offer a complimentary hot beverage station, and will have some special extra add-ins for those of you who are 21+.

+ We encourage you to dress up in your most seasonal, or most colorful, or gaudiest outfits.

**More information to become available as we get closer to the event date.**

If you want to be a part of the whole DAM story, this will be one of your best chances to own a piece of Jonathan’s art. Other giveaway info can be found on the DAM’s website:

Come celebrate Cyber Monday with pretty much the exact opposite activity: an in-person-only, completely free giveaway you can’t experience on a computer!

Learn more about Understudy at:

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