Michael F Sperandeo
January 6 - 30, 2020


Michael F Sperandeo

January 6 – January 30, 2020

Alpha and Omega have returned to their dimension. Turns out, they still need our help. The technology in their home universe is lightyears ahead of our own. They need the spectrum of our humanity to stabilize the universe. We must test our compatibility with a humanoid android that is piloted by us. We do so by visiting the website and accessing the test through a human-made software. This is a call to arms for the sake of Alpha and Omega… and the Universe. Special thanks to Robert Fikes IV.

Public Hours:

This is a “fishbowl” installation that is meant to be viewed from the outside, and will run at all-hours during the month of January.

Additional Programming: To further the adventure into this saga, please visit

Understudy is free-to-visit and open to all.


Using new media as a platform allows my work to escape the confines of the real and venture into the surreal. I use current technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 3d rendering tools to create interactive experiences. My work is narrative focused and draws reference from mythology and symbolism. Informed by loaded imagery contained within philosophical and antiquated iconography, my work is a response to outdated and sometimes un-relatable symbolism from historical ideologies. ~ Michael F Sperandeo

Artist’s Website: Visit his website or find Michael on Instagram @for6won or directly at

Understudy is located at the Colorado Convention Center / Theatre District light rail stop near 14th and Stout. Look for the B-Cycle station next to the light rail tracks or Shantell Martin’s art bench.

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