Yoshi Sodeoka

Swarm Perspective (Traveling East)
May 2024

In this journey titled Swarm Perspective (Traveling East), viewers are invited to explore the natural world from a subtly shifted viewpoint. A flock of birds gracefully moves through woodlands, skies, sunlit fields, and cityscape, prompting reflection on the beauty and resilience of nature. Periodic geometric shapes emerge, subtly suggesting the underlying structure of our universe and the order that governs it. Themes of interconnectedness and the delicate balance of existence gently intertwine, encouraging contemplation of one's role within the greater scheme of life. While the video gently hints at the possibility of alternate realities and unseen dimensions, it leaves space for personal interpretation and reflection.

This artwork is part of the program:


Curated by Peter Burr

Since the term “Computer Graphics” was coined in the 1960’s, our world has grown slowly into a virtual image - captured, mapped, modeled, and dispersed across a globe of visual platforms with cameras, computers, lasers, and screens. For EVERYTHING SURFACE, that image is recondensed into an object - a 140 foot tall simulation of one world turning into another, translated by an international group of artists for whom the heart of this object is its skin patterned with RGB light.

LoVid, MSHR, p1xelfool, Sabrina Ratté, and Yoshi Sodeoka traffic in abstraction, asking us to soften our gaze and drift through the flat surface of this image world. Behind the 56,000 ft² of flickering pixels is another layer bursting with electric dreams that puncture the sharp lines of this collective hallucination. In these artists' worlds, it's springtime too.

About the Artist

Yoshi Sodeoka is a Japanese-born, New York-based multimedia artist and musician renowned for his exploration of video, gifs, print and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Trained as an oil painter from the age of 5 and guitarist from the age of 13, Sodeoka's early immersion in traditional art informs his approach to digital expression. His career has spanned three decades.