Woo Jin 우진

September 2023

This story is about gods attempting to understand themselves by means of their own Creations.

This artwork is curated and part of the Digerati Emergent Media Festival - Welcome to the Here and Now 2023

About the Artist

Jin Woo is a freelance animator and VJ who splits her time between Seoul, South Korea and Kraków, Poland.  For nearly a decade, she has been creating stunning hand-drawn animations. Her debut film "Sewing Woman" was selected for competition in several prestigious festivals such as Annecy and Ottawa, fueling her confidence to continue on her filmmaking journey. Her second film, "Beautiful," won the debut film prize at Indieanifest and was recognized as an encouragement work in the EWACC awards. Jin Woo's artistic skill and passion for storytelling were showcased in Berlin where she hosted a solo exhibition and performed as a VJ during Berlin art weeks. In 2020, she completed "SAN," which has been selected for competition in renowned film festivals such as Slamdance, Zagreb, and London. Currently, she delves into the impact of myths on individuals residing in various cities. The commencement of her new venture is marked by her latest animated film, "Garisani."