November 2023

METACITY is an artwork that combines visual elements from multiple cities to create a new digital city representation. In today's world, where physical boundaries have dissolved, we extract and merge unique visual symbols and designs from each city. Through this process, we digitally reincarnate the essence of various cities.
In the digital virtual world, we reinterpret the structure and history of cities, presenting them to the audience in a fresh perspective and sensation.

About the Artists:

Studio Artech is at the forefront of media art. The duo artists aim to create new immersive experiences at the intersection of art and technology. they grow together with their audience based on new perspectives of technology and original artistic expression.
Studio Artech connects people and technology through art by utilizing IOT, AI, data visualization, hardware module control, and more. The ethos of Artech is to create a sense of balance and harmony in everyday life through art.