Chroma Bloom
March 2024

Chroma Bloom serves as a radiant beacon, illuminating the world with its uplifting energy, the artwork is a kaleidoscope of colors that symbolize the beauty found in every moment. 

This installation inspires listeners to embrace the brightness that exists within themselves and to have a passion for spreading positivity and joy through music and art. It's an uplifting composition and a celebration of life.  

Special thanks to:

Ethan Converse - rose garden artist 

Owen Etter - drone camera 

About the Artist:

Operating as "RUMTUM," John Hastings expresses creativity through visual arts and music. Growing up on Lake Erie in Cleveland, he developed a profound connection to nature's balance, inspiring a passion for aquatic landscapes. Influenced by tropical flora and sea mysteries, Hastings creates whimsical scenes that blend escapism and reality. With a BFA from the Columbus School of Art and Design, he settled in Denver in 2010, drawing from geography and cartography. Through RUMTUM, Hastings captures global scenes, infusing fresh concepts. Exploring various mediums like drawing, painting, music, and murals, he focuses on printmaking and murals in Denver. RUMTUMCreations showcases Hastings' playful yet thought-provoking art and music, sparking cultural discussions and providing solace. The surreal nature of the work navigates different realms, aiming to inspire and connect the viewer to nature.