Paulus van Horne
Oracles Oracle

A sphere is a unitary entity, not easily integrated into a collective body. Oracles Oracle is then an exploration of the solitary nature of a sphere, even in a crowded space. Among the chaos of spheres raining down into the Kittredge Building, each object remains itself, continually jostling for position in the crush of objects. The spheres do not become a unit but a crowd, packed together, waiting for the time they can regain their freedom of movement. Just as the Kittredge Building fills entirely with spheres, the floor drops out from beneath the spheres, dispersing them like seeds into the darkness. 

About the Artist:

Paulus van Horne (they/them) is a sound artist and media researcher based in Boulder, Colorado. They are in their final year of a PhD program in Emerging Technology and Media Art Practices at the University of Colorado Boulder. Paulus’ creative practice encompasses radio production, game design and audiovisual installations .Paulus’ academic research focuses on voice synthesis, machine learning and gender simulation. Their research is affiliated with the Media Archaeology Lab at CU Boulder. Paulus graduated from Oberlin College & Conservatory in 2016, with degrees in Environmental Studies (B.A.) and Technology In Music And Related Arts (B.Mus.).  They are a 2019 New York State Counsel on the Arts individual artist grantee and a 2017-18 Thomas J. Watson Fellow.