Max Coleman of Magpie Studios
March 2024

Serenity is an exploration of drawings that I have made over the past 8 years. Each is an exercise in provoking a sense of gratitude in the viewer. Whether that be gratitude for one’s life, for the earth, or for those who have died so they may be safe and fed. Or perhaps, even for something that is yet to be.

Max Coleman will be debuting his first solo show on March 15th, 2024 at the Banshee House in the RiNo Arts District. He hopes to see you there.

About the Artist:

My name is Max Coleman, but you may know me as “Oak Bloak”. As an artist I have been fortunate to build a career cataloging the emotions and experiences that make human life so rich. I most prefer to explore unconventional ideas, as those are often the topics that need most attention. Those facets of being that one prefers not to think about, given the discomfort it can cause. Our collective violence against animals for example, or the rape of our planet’s eco systems and features. I feel it is the duty of the artist as a member of this age to portray these facets of life. To shrink away from the challenge would be neglectful. So let us create, rebel, glorify, and challenge.