heartsleeves: Best Friends
May 2024

Best Friends is part of LoVid's generative blockchain video project, heartsleeves. Mixing code-based generative patterns with participatory portraits, heartsleeves embraces the distributed nature of art on the blockchain, converting the community into co-creators who mint their own portraits within LoVid's environment. For Night Lights Denver, LoVid draws from heartsleeves videos of friends' best friends.

Courtesy of LoVid and Tonic.xyz


Bryan Brinkman and Butters
pixelpete and Topo 
Aaron Penne and Bella

This artwork is part of the program:


Curated by Peter Burr

Since the term “Computer Graphics” was coined in the 1960’s, our world has grown slowly into a virtual image - captured, mapped, modeled, and dispersed across a globe of visual platforms with cameras, computers, lasers, and screens. For EVERYTHING SURFACE, that image is recondensed into an object - a 140 foot tall simulation of one world turning into another, translated by an international group of artists for whom the heart of this object is its skin patterned with RGB light.

LoVid, MSHR, p1xelfool, Sabrina Ratté, and Yoshi Sodeoka traffic in abstraction, asking us to soften our gaze and drift through the flat surface of this image world. Behind the 56,000 ft² of flickering pixels is another layer bursting with electric dreams that puncture the sharp lines of this collective hallucination. In these artists' worlds, it's springtime too.

About the Artist

LoVid is a NY-based interdisciplinary artist duo working collaboratively since 2001. LoVid’s practice focuses on aspects of contemporary society where technology seeps into human culture and perception. Throughout their interdisciplinary projects over two decades, LoVid has maintained their signature visual and sonic aesthetic of color, pattern, and texture density, coupled with disruption and noise. LoVid’s work captures an intermixed world that incorporates virtual and physical, materials and simulations, connection and isolation.

LoVid’s process includes home-made analog synthesizers, hand-cranked code, and tangible materials; their videos, textile works, performances, net-art, installations, and NFTs have been exhibited worldwide for over two decades. LoVid’s work has been presented internationally at venues including: Museum of Moving Image (NY), Standard Vision X Vellum LA, Wave Hill, Brookfield Arts, RYAN LEE Gallery, Art Blocks Curated, Postmasters Gallery, bitforms Gallery, Honor Fraser Gallery, Tonic.xyz, Expanded.Art, Art Dubai, New Discretions, And/Or Gallery, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, Anthology Film Archives, MoMA PS1, Issue Project Room, The Science Gallery Dublin, The Jewish Museum, The Kitchen, Daejeon Museum, Smack Mellon, Netherland Media Art Institute, New Museum, and ICA London. LoVid’s projects have received grants and awards from organizations including: The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Graham Foundation, UC Santa Barbara, Signal Culture, Cue Art Foundation, Eyebeam, Harvestworks, Wave Farm, Rhizome, Franklin Furnace, Turbulence.org, New York Foundation for the Arts, Lower Manhattan Cultural Center, Experimental TV Center, NY State Council of the Arts, and Greenwall Foundation.

LoVid’s videos are distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) and their work is in the collections of the Whitney Museum, The Museum of Moving Image, The Parrish Museum, Thoma Foundation, Watermill Center, Butler Institute of American Art, Heckscher Museum, NFT Museum of Digital Art, Museum of Nordic Digital Art, and more...