John Lake
Eight Basic Movements
July 2024

We are juggling concepts of solitude, loneliness, sadness, beauty, stillness, psychology, and severity in the everyday. We embody a meditation on the internal and external forces of daily existential living. 

Eight Basic Movements is part of Summer Haze, the July 2024 program curated by Libby Garon.

Summer Haze intertwines organic matter with the built environment of Downtown Denver. These four contemporary digital artists: Karl Orion, Bryan Leister, Eileen Roscina and John Lake interweave cutting edge digital video work with nature's essence, enhancing Denver's industrious cityscape with spellbinding light. Through glittering fractals and temperature swings, Summer Haze leaves Downtown starry-eyed. Experience Denver at the heat of Summer with mesmerizing projections of augmented nature. 

About the Artist:

John Lake is focused on the imaginative and experimental functions of photography and image-based art forms and the ways they are intrinsically connected to psychology, intuition, and shared visions. He is interested in togetherness, dialogs, and the ghosts behind the curtain, believing that exhibition spaces are social spaces and the viewer's body (the self) interacts with artwork with all the heaviness and fortitude of the lived experiences. He hopes viewers bring dynamic, personal, esoteric, and illusionary engagement to the artwork and the experiences of viewing, discussing, and witnessing.