Jessie Rodriguez
March 2024

Abandonment is a stop motion animation made entirely by hand. It is a symbolic journey that follows a dove on their path in four acts: Flight, Trap, Escape and Home. The dove sets out among friends, finds itself arbitrarily caught in a trap disguised as a tree, that becomes a fiery Caduceus, entwined with attacking serpents. It finally escapes to rejoin its friends and find its way home. It is a representation of my journey, barriers encountered, and the choices made to return to life as an artist.

This animation could not have been conceived and created without the support of: Aaron Hurlburt, Fleur and Gerald Fitzpatrick, Jenny Corrick, Urban Librarians United and my REST group, my fellow library peers, Cristina Michaels, Phil Goodstein, the Denver Tool Library, Vimeo Gang, Sideshow Studios and my home base at Real Eyes Studios.

About the Artist:

Jessie Rodriguez is an artist and animator based in Denver, Colorado. Her stop motion animations are created from linocut printmaking, the techniques used to make these films involve creating every visual element from scratch. Characters, textures, background and text are made by hand carving each piece out of linoleum, hand printing it onto paper and then cutting it out, arranging and shooting it frame by frame. She finds inspiration in being able to bring her ideas to life through small scale filmmaking.

She holds a BFA degree from the University of Colorado, studied art at the Escuela de Artes Plasticas (UNAM) in Mexico City and attended the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. Rodriguez has been a featured artist with Not Real Art and Voyage Magazine, and exhibited her artwork and films throughout Colorado to include; Sideshow Studios, Raices Gallery, the Denver Digerati Animation Festival and Longmont Out Loud. She holds a studio space at Real Eyes Studio, a part of the Artists on Santa Fe.