Jérémy Oury

It will be a paradise
June 2024

Inspired by the title of a poem by Mahmoud Darwish, what power does man have over the architecture that surrounds him? Can the lightness of his movements be transmitted to the particles of the physical elements?
Project adapted from a larger project created on an initiative of the French German cultural center in Ramallah.

Dancer / Direction – Hussam Ghosheh 

Dance – Rima Baransi & Mohammad Khuweirea

Cello – Faris Amin 

Based on a collaborative art project initiated by the Centre Culturel Franco-Allemande Ramallah with Tina Zimmermann, Hussam Ghosheh & Jérémy Oury from 2020 at 2022.

About the Artist:

Jérémy Oury is a French awarded artist who questions our perception of reality and our relationship to the digital environment through light, sound and space. His groundbreaking work has been recognized at international video mapping and fulldome festivals, and exhibited at prestigious digital festivals and exhibitions worldwide. He focuses his artwork on a research about illusions from geometric distortions, on the synesthesia between sound and video, and on immersive forms in order to place the viewer at the center of a minimalist virtual universe to disrupt his perception of space.

By asking questions about the way in which our lives are augmented or modified by technologies, he suggests that we reflect on the boundaries between the biological self and the digital self.

He also promotes fulldome production with the curation for the festival Sous dôme in Paris.