Gary Emrich
The Weight of Water
August 2023

The history of the American West is written in water. I’ve made artwork about the politics and beauty of water for 30 years. So when I was asked to participate in the exhibition Monumomentum, I knew that I wanted to project waterfalls on the historic D&F Tower.

Work represented by Robischon Gallery in Denver and Candella Gallery in Richmond, VA.

The Weight of Water is part of Monumomentum: A TAD Project.

Monumomentum: Scale shifts in space/time.

Curator Statement: With Monumomentum, we play with scale shifts in size, distance, duration, and perspective in ways that rethink routine experiences and the everyday.

Curator Bio: TAD stands for Temporary Alternative Duty (often used in reference to labor), but also an acronym for Toby And Don, the two curators behind TAD Projects: Tobias Fike and Donald Fodness. Formed in 2022, to generate exhibitions and art related experiences. With a DIY spirit and desire to experiment curatorially, TAD sets out to strengthen, bridge and build community through art. We emphasize the alternative.

Artist Bio:

Gary Emrich is a Colorado-based media artist/photographer with a 40 year exhibition record. His work resides in numerous private and public collections including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Denver Art Museum, the State of Colorado, and the University of Colorado Art Museum. As a fourth generation Coloradan, much of his art work addresses issues revolving around living in the West including water as a commodity and the heroic perception of the West. His work is media-based and combines artist generated and appropriated imagery; investigating how people create personal memories and collective histories from the countless objects and impressions they accumulate on a daily basis and why humans endow certain objects, events, and images with special meaning by preserving them. Gary received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado.