Evan McCandless

Queen City
November 2023

Queen City tells a story about two buskers trying to make ends meet in a growing and changing cityscape. As they contend with their feelings of unfamiliar familiarity, the cities expansion has attracted the ire of a inter-dimensional visitor. A cryptic and psychedelic journey, perfect for anyone who feels like they don’t recognize their own childhood street.

A note from the artist - "Thank you to Chimney Choir for always being such amazing collaborators, y’all really know how to make a boy feel loved. Thank you to Leon Art Gallery for making this whole project happen, you have always been such a loving hub of community in my life."

About the Artist:

Evan McCandless is an animator who grew his roots in the greater Denver sprawl. He has a love for collaboration and has worked with many talented and wonderful artists to create music videos, album covers, logos, illustrations, and more. While he spent most of his years building community and connections in Colorado, he has recently begun a new great adventure. For the past two years he has lived on the foggy shores of Nova Scotia, Canada, working on the show Teen Titans GO! And now lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where he is working on his southern charm. While he considers himself foremost as an animator, he has dabbled into many disciplines. He is also a musician, playing in bands like Panther Martin and Civil Engineer. And a Ceramicist, creating clay cups, mugs, bowls, and jewelry. He even occasionally graces the silver screen as a silent film actor.