Evan Anderman Photography

January 2024

There is a certain rhythm to the landscape of the Eastern Plains of Colorado that moves at a pace largely invisible. Fields are planted, crops grow, mature and are harvested; leaving the ground to lie fallow before being turned under as the growing season begins again. Best seen from the air, Progressions offers a dynamic abstraction that brings this overlooked landscape to life.

About the Artist

Evan Anderman (b. 1964 Denver, CO) is a Denver based social-landscape photographer who seeks to challenge the intricate relationship between human development and the natural world. Anderman's aerial and terrestrial photography endeavors to bring into focus the difficult to see wide-spread elements of the way our society uses the land. His work can be found in the collection of the Denver Art Museum and many private collections across the country and has been exhibited at institutions nationally and internationally. Anderman received a BSE in Geological Engineering from Princeton University and a MSE and PhD in Geological Engineering from Colorado School of Mines. He has served on numerous non-profit Boards and is currently the Past-President of the Board of CENTER in Santa Fe, NM.