Dr. Ietef "Dj CaveM" Vita and Thomas "Detour" Evans

WESTSIDE WELLNESS - "Produce For The People."
February 2023

Westside Wellness is a collaboration between the artist from #plantbasedrecords Dr. Ietef "Dj CaveM" Vita and Thomas "Detour" Evans. Showing food, culture, music, and preserving wisdom through intergenerational dialogue. Connecting with the roots, connecting with the elders, and growing the next generation through seed, through our recipes, and through our connection to the Earth. Highlighting prominent pillars of black wellness like James Beard award-winning Chef Bryant Terry, the MasterClass “Gangster Gardner” Ron Finley from South Central, and Alkimia Earth from Ascension Academy. This video highlights the value of wellness and regenerating our body, mind, and soul using food as medicine. Directed by Ietef Vita and Blake Jackson.

I want people to understand that one of the best ways to make an impact on the environment is being more conscious of what we eat and understanding that our everyday food choices impact the environment in a positive or negative way. #ECOHIPHOP. New Album "KONCRETE GARDEN" EP available in seed pack form on Ietef's website.