Caroline Turner
September 2023

Azimuth is a 60-second looping video exploring the relationship of positionality, perception, and the movement of time. The azimuth is an expression of the distance between a celestial object and an observer; a fleeting measurement as time is revealed through an interplay of light, shadow, and movement. Taking direct inspiration from the clock tower projection site, Azimuth charts one complete day/night cycle as the sun rises to its zenith at solar noon and sets at dusk, revealing the moonlit-midnight sky. An ancient sundial serves as the central feature upon which time is visibly understood in relation to the sun, moon, Earth, and ourselves.

This artwork is curated and part of the Digerati Emergent Media Festival - Welcome to the Here and Now 2023

About the Artist

Caroline Turner is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and curator based in Cincinnati, OH. Her work and research explore technology, deep time, and speculation about the near-future through a wide variety of media and materials. She has shown her work in numerous venues both nationally and internationally. Solo exhibitions include Hinterland at Oregon Contemporary and the Ohio State University Farmer Family Gallery, Solarsteading in Marielandia at OTOT Studios, and Banks of the Calcarine Fissure at the Neon Heater Gallery. In addition to her studio practice, Turner co-founded IRL Gallery in 2016 with Ian Anderson, an exhibition space that blurred the line between seeing art in real life and viewing documentation online. She served as a Visiting Assistant professor of New Media and Video Production at Marshall University in 2021-22 and will serve as an Assistant Professor of New Media and Electronic Art at the University of Cincinnati beginning Fall 2023.