Cacheflowe (Justin Gitlin)
"Facets 888v"
Winter/Spring 2024

Facets 888v is a real-time generative artwork - a software application that runs indefinitely and creates an ever-shifting mosaic pattern via an array of layout and motion algorithms. The title is a reference to the 888 discrete shapes that create the moving mosaic and the Voronoi pattern created by a novel graphics programming technique. These flat, high-contrast and slow-moving patterns are designed to harmonize with the dimensional surfaces of the Kittredge building.

About the Artist:

Justin Gitlin, a.k.a. Cacheflowe (/ˈkaSH ˌflō/), is a creative coder, musician and multimedia artist based in Denver and Boston, USA. His disciplines have increasingly intertwined after spending two decades in parallel worlds of software development, music and multimedia production. Justin has built video games, interactive installations, web sites and mobile apps for clients like Nike, Google, and the Denver Art Museum. His work has been covered by major media outlets like NPR, Buzzfeed, and the New York Times, and has received awards from the FWA, Awwwards, and The One Club, among others. As a genre-crossing musician, Cacheflowe has released music and shared the stage with an array of innovative artists like Amon Tobin, Ulrich Schnauss, Ladytron, Machinedrum, Dizzee Rascal, Daedelus, and Nels Cline. As a visual artist, Justin creates algorithmic designs for print, apparel, physical products, music videos, art installations and brand design. His visual collaborations and original concepts have been shown at museums like the Smithsonian and MCA Chicago, at immersive art experiences like Meow Wolf and WAVE Festival, and independent galleries like Dateline (Denver), Space Debris (Instanbul), and GO Gallery (Amsterdam). Justin was a co-founding partner of Mode Set, Ello, OhHeckYeah and Plastic Sound Supply, and currently serves as the Director of Technology at Hovercraft Studio.