Bryan Leister
Miller’s Dream
July 2024

Miller's Dream celebrates the annual migration of the Miller moth from the Colorado plains to the alpine meadows of the Rocky Mountains. The animation is created by programming intelligent behaviors for each moth to move through turbulence, flocking, and other organizing principles.

Some people might consider these creatures annoying, but I appreciate their lifecycle and endurance. Officially, they are the adult stage of the army cutworm, which spends the winter buried in the plains. When the weather warms up, they emerge and flock to the mountains, traveling hundreds of miles to enjoy the cooler weather. As moths, they are harmless to us but are an important source of food for birds and even grizzly bears!

A note from the artist: "Special thanks to my gallery Walker Fine Art for supporting local artists in all our diversity of talent, and to curator Libby Garon, for developing a summer theme that encouraged exploration and experimentation for this project!"


Miller's Dream is part of Summer Haze, the July 2024 program curated by Libby Garon.

Summer Haze intertwines organic matter with the built environment of Downtown Denver. These four contemporary digital artists: Karl Orion, Bryan Leister, Eileen Roscina and John Lake interweave cutting edge digital video work with nature's essence, enhancing Denver's industrious cityscape with spellbinding light. Through glittering fractals and temperature swings, Summer Haze leaves Downtown starry-eyed. Experience Denver at the heat of Summer with mesmerizing projections of augmented nature. 

About the Artist:

Bryan Leister works in a broad range of media, both electronic and traditional. Before moving to Colorado to teach illustration and design at CU Denver, Leister worked as an illustrator, producing art for book covers and magazines. He currently works from a studio at Blue Silo Studios in Denver, producing paintings and animations that examine artificial intelligence and originality.