Alexa Millan Castaneda
Will to power
March 2024

Based on the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche's quote “The Will to Power”, I drew inspiration from the creative drive and ambition of human nature to become. This quote is relevant to me because of my personal journey as an artist and going after what I want despite fear. Leaning into the resistance, I find what I aspire to be and achieve where fear tells me not to go to.

I had a dream of a squirrel holding onto an acorn as it floated on top of a tree bark in the middle of an ocean. There was also a tree in the middle of the ocean and I was just standing there. Everytime huge water tides came towards me, I was frightened but then the tides would fall down dramatically low and only splash my ankles. And there, I saw the squirrel holding onto the acorn and using the tree bark as a raft.

In a sense, the squirrel and acorn in the animation represent overcoming your surroundings and shortcomings to get what you want despite life throwing resistance after resistance. The flowers in the beginning of the animation are columbine flowers, symbolizing aspiration and risk-taking. The Monarch butterflies represent my High School, Mapleton Early Career Prep, and I would’ve probably not be where I am today without the support of my friends and teachers encouraging me to pursue my passion in art. High school was a transformative part of my life in my dreams of working towards becoming an Animator. This Animation I made here symbolizes risk-taking and self-mastery since life itself is the will to power.

Thank you to my mother, friends, mentors, and peers at Mapleton Early Career Prep for the hype and support.